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Lusail Investments is a privately-held PE firm investing in Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure and Real Estate within the MENA region and beyond.

Welcome to Lusail Investments

Founded in 2006, Lusail Investments is a privately-held PE firm, established with a mission to invest in and develop new business initiatives. Based in Bahrain, we also have interests in and seek partners across the wider Middle East / North Africa (MENA) region and beyond.


We specialize in a number of sectors, including Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate. For more details, see our business.


Lusail Investments was founded by Khalid Alshakrani, who serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He has an extensive and a highly successful track record in financial investments, management and leadership development, including the establishment of a $100m investment firm, built from the ground up. He has built a robust team of senior executives at Lusail Investments. For further information, see about us and our team.


A profitable, sustainable and exciting future


At Lusail Investments, we form collaborations with well-run firms that are exceptional and unique in their field. We strive to establish and grow businesses that challenge the existing marketplace status quo, in addition to creating new and profitable market niches, which are viable in the long term.


In addition to financial backing, Lusail Investments offers unique insight, up-to-date market knowledge and high-level contacts to our collaborative partners. We also have the ability both to assess and to make the most of new market trends, which have the potential to benefit not only the investment concerned, but also the investors’ wider interests.


We are currently seeking partners for new initiatives in the above-mentioned sectors. Lusail Investments welcomes proposals from those who meet our criteria for offering successful, sustainable and market-disruptive initiatives. We are currently seeking partners for new initiatives in the above-mentioned sectors. For more details, please contact us.


We also seek to collaborate with talented individuals who have suitable market experience and a desire to work directly for our team. Please review our careers section to learn more.

About Lusail Investments

Strategic partnership in Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure and Real Estate across the MENA region.

Lusail Investments was established in 2006 as a proprietary Private Equity investment firm that took equity interest in businesses with a unique business model and an exceptional management team. However, we have realized that capital alone is not always enough. This spurred Lusail Investments to take on an active role in building an unrivaled series of contacts throughout the MENA region, thereby equipping us with excellent access to third party financing and know-how.


Today, we look to act not only as an investor, but also as an incubator that seeks to nurture and cultivate the formation of new businesses that leverage fresh ideas that can truly enhance or even transform their respective sectors.


A profitable, sustainable and exciting future


Our aim is to collaborate with exceptional, unique firms that are working to establish a powerful presence in existing markets or to cultivate the formation of new market niches that will prove to be profitable and viable in the long term.


For more details, please see our vision.


We are currently seeking partners for initiatives in the Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate sectors. We are seeking partnerships with firms located within the MENA region or even further afield, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. See our business sectors section to learn more. 


What we can offer you


In addition to financial backing, we offer unique insight, up-to-date market knowledge and high-level contacts to our partners. We work to assess and to make the most of new market trends, all of which have the potential to benefit not only the investment concerned, but also the investors’ wider interests.


We welcome new partnerships with those who meet our criteria for establishing successful, sustainable and market-disruptive initiatives. For more details, we invite you to contact us.


We also seek to connect with talented individuals who have suitable market experience and are interested in joining our team. Further information is available under our careers section.

Our Vision

Lusail delivers investment and vision for partners in Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate within the MENA region.

At Lusail Investments, we aim to become the first point of contact for entrepreneurs and innovators who are seeking guidance and high-level business support, along with access to capital in return for an equity stake.


Wherever we operate, we look for projects with the potential to lead markets or create new ones. We are not interested in ‘me-too’ proposals.


In regards to funding, we will always consider taking equity investments ourselves. In addition, our investment background means we are also able to source third party capital from across the MENA region for the right projects.


We aim to create and maintain value at all times. We consistently maintain the long-term view on our investments. We believe that our investments should not only be profitable; they should also be sustainable and ethical in the wider sense. For additional details, see our corporate social responsibility page.


In addition to investing in worthy ventures, Lusail Investments delivers strategic vision and advice. We do not get involved in day-to-day management; rather, we seek to partner with others, providing them with support and access to high-level business analysis or other professional services.


If you are interested in partnering with Lusail Investments, we would love to hear from you. If you think you may have suitable skills and requisite industry expertise to offer us, we invite you to visit our careers page.

Our Team

Details of the management of Lusail Investments, delivering investment and strategic vision for partners across the MENA region.


Khalid Alshakrani
Chief Executive Officer

The CEO of Lusail Investments, Khalid Alshakrani was educated at IMD Business School in Switzerland. He also holds a degree from Northern Illinois University in the USA. His first major role was in Investor Relations at the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait.


Between 2000 and 2006, he served as the Head of Asset Management and Executive Director of Investor Relations at Gulf Finance House in Bahrain. During his tenure, he personally brought in 60% of the firm's new business, and worked to increase profits from US $65m to US $300m in less than six years.


Khalid established Lusail Investments in 2006 as a vehicle for incubating and nurturing ventures by providing financing and high-level support. One of its first initiatives was Instrata Capital, an alternative asset management firm regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Instrata went from a being a start-up to becoming an award-winning $100m investment firm and the regional market leader in infrastructure asset management. In addition to attracting strategic shareholders, the company achieved high returns, advising on or financing over a large number of infrastructure projects.


After successfully building and exiting Instrata Capital, Khalid has turned his attention to the development of new, innovative initiatives in finance and other market sectors with Lusail Investments. 


Noor Eshaq

An honors graduate of American University’s Kogod School of Business in Washington, DC, Noor obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a double specialization in Finance and Global Business Strategies. Noor has gained experience and knowledge through interning in firms such as, Westbourne Investment Advisors in the USA, as well as BDO International and International Investment Bank in Bahrain. 


Noor’s work has given her experience in the fields of business development, auditing, and finance.


During her work for WIA, she monitored the firm’s equity holdings to identify corporate developments as well as advised the portfolio manager of significant changes in earnings guidance and outlook. Through her work with BDO she performed external auditing for large organizations as well as staff and budgeting costs.


She furthered her global business strategies studies through traveling to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro whereby she visited multinational firms and engaged in interactive discussions analyzing the state of economic development in one of the largest economies of the world. Noor is currently an associate of Lusail Investments.

Taliya Ismagilova
Human Resources Manager

Taliya holds a Master’s degree in Management and International Relations from Kazan University of Finance and Economy. She also holds a Specialist Diploma in Psychology and Conflictology from Kazan World Culture Institute.


Taliya started her career as Chief Accountant in Travel Agency in Kazan, where she was independently handling accounting, managing relationships with banks and providing full financial support including analysis of budget process and tax requirements. In 2005 she moved to Dubai as CEO Assistant in International company in Dubai Media City, where she was responsible for all office administration including human resources activities.

Taliya has a broad range of skills and international experience which she brings to Lusail as Human Recourses Manager. She also holds a Pilot license for small noncommercial aircrafts.

Mariam AlSeba
Creative Communications and Marketing Manager

Mariam Al Seba is a qualified and experienced graphic designer / Illustrator.


Mariam completed her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Al Ahlia University in Bahrain. She has over 6 years of experience in branding and advertising. After working as a graphic designer in Bahrain she moved to Beijing, China, where she volunteered in a kindergarten for autistic children. This gave Mariam the opportunity to develop their communication skills using her graphic illustrations.

On her return to Bahrain she gained more technical experience, by diversifying her graphic design skills in printing. In 2015, Mariam moved to Gurgaon, India to work as a graphic designer in an Indian design agency, wanting to pursue international experience and work with international brands and campaigns, this gave Mariam the oppurtunity to work on international campaigns like BMW and be a part of styling photoshoots for international designers. She is now the creative comunications and marketing manager at Lusail investments.

Mariam's creative abilities and accomplishments are fueled by her deep love and appreciation of all fine art and differing cultures. Her need to express diversely in all mediums and styles rejects the traditional  one system  approach to her body of work. To innovate not to follow a creative trail that sets this artist apart from her contemporaries creates an eclectic intense balance to her work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Details of the management of Lusail Investments, delivering investment and strategic vision for partners across the MENA.

We believe in being responsible corporate citizens in all that we do, from ensuring the ethical, sustainable nature of every venture we support, to the way in which we treat our clients, partners, employees, suppliers and the wider communities in which we operate.

We believe in acting ethically, fairly, honestly and transparently in all our dealings. At the same time, we always consider the wider impact in what we do, both on people and on the environment. We are as green as practically possible in the way we operate, along with the materials and other resources that we use. All of our investments are designed to be sustainable, while delivering long-term success. We are not interested in short-term approaches.

We also encourage our partners and those we invest in to take a sustainable approach in all that they do, boosting employment and fostering communities in their areas of operation. Strict health and safety procedures are also important to us, and we expect our partners to embrace the industry standard in this regard.

We take great care in selecting the firms and ventures that we partner with or invest in. We review candidates not just for their business potential, but also for their attention to these wider concerns.


For more details, please contact us.

Business sectors

Lusail Investment delivers investment and vision for partners in Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate in MENA.

Lusail Investments currently has interests in the following sectors: Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure and Real Estate. 


For more details, we encourage you to visit the following links:

Food & Agriculture


Real Estate

Food & Agriculture

Details of initiatives in the Food & Agriculture sector backed by Lusail Investments.

Foods | Unlimited

This is a newly established company that focuses on:

  •  Creating new restaurants and café experiences.
  •  Manufacturing special dairy and bakery products.
  •  Provide event management and catering.


Foods Unlimited has a series of offerings to bring to the market; the first of which is Hevea Cafe , a French Colonial cafe style concept to be opened in Bahrain later in the year. The menu offers a reincarnation of French cuisine with a touch of Asia. It will provide dishes and desserts that are new in terms of presentation, flavor and variety. The brand features several other complimentary offers to the cafe including an artisan bakery, a culinary school and a catering off shoot.

The cafe targets the young and fashionable, who want to see and be seen. It also caters to the young mothers who crave great food in a nice atmosphere who want to get together after taking their kids to school.


                      For additional information, we invite you to visit the Foods Unlimited website.


Lusail Investments' initiatives in the infrastructure sector

Lusail Investments was a founder and significant owner of Instrata Capital BSC (c), a regulated asset management investment specialist that focused on infrastructure investments. Instrata Capital evaluated projects related to Utilities, Industrial Infrastructure and Transportation. It had rapidly established a reputation as the leading specialist infrastructure investment manager within the MENA region. Instrata Capital's investment partners in the region include quasi government entities and multinational corporations recognized as leaders in their respective sectors.

We intend Lusail Investments to become a globally recognised infrastrucute pinvestor within the MENA region. To do this, we have built a company with  solid values and principles that form the bedrock of everything we do.  


Opportunities in the MENA region:

Favorable Demographics: The GCC, MENA and Turkey region is considered to be one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the world, having grown 18% over the past 10 years;

Strong Economic Growth: The International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) projects that the MENA region’s Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”) growth will continue to outpace that of advanced economies and most of the world’s other regions, and is forecast to grow by 30% in real terms between 2010 and 2016;

Infrastructure Investment Requirements: The World Bank estimates that infrastructure spending in the MENA region is around 5% of GDP, compared to up to 15% for other developing countries such as China. Countries in the region need to double their spending in infrastructure to up to 10% of GDP per year (equivalent to USD 75-100 billion) in order to provide basic electricity, water, transport and communication services, achieve sustainable growth rates and boost economic competitiveness;

Government Infrastructure Development Plans: Governments in the GCC region have established multi-year development plans that address the historical under-investment in infrastructure in the region by committing to develop adequate infrastructure to meet the increased demand for essential services; and

Private Sector Participation: Governments in the GCC, region are increasingly seeking to attract the private sector capital to fund their infrastructure development programs, including through public-private partnerships (“PPP”). The significant amount of investment required to meet the demands for infrastructure related services in the region cannot be met by government spending alone. As a result, the private sector is allocating an increasing amount of capital toward the development, ownership and operation of infrastructure projects in the Region.


Lusail Investments is looking to invest alongside international players in infrastructure projects that can add value to existing assets by optimizing operations efficiency. 


For more details, please contact us.

Real Estate

Lusail Investments' initiatives in the Real Estate sector

Lusail Investments is currently involved in real estate and land development initiatives in the Arabian Gulf. In particular, we were instrumental in the creation of new real estate companies in Bahrain and Kuwait.


We are always open to new opportunities. In addition, we are interested in commercial real estate opportunities in Europe, as well as office developments in Western Europe and North America.


For more details, please contact us.

Partnering with Lusail

Lusail Investments is looking for potential partners in the Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate sectors within MENA region and beyond.

We are currently looking for potential partners who are seeking an investor that would help nurture or grow their current business or new initiative. 


In particular, we would like to hear from you if:


  • You are currently operating in or have a proposal related to any of these sectors: Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate.
  • You have a genuinely innovative proposal that is innovative and revolutionary for your sector. We are only interested in pioneering ideas, not those that simply echo the competition. 
  • Your plan is ethical and sustainable in the long term. We are not interested in short-term, cash grab-type of concepts.
  • You are looking for equity investors.
  • You would benefit from high-level strategic assistance / guidance rather than day-to-day management.
  • You want to partner with a business that is dynamic and fast-moving in its decision making, but at the same time conservative in its assessment and determined to deliver high quality products and services.
  • You wish to partner with a business with extensive financial know-how, robust management experience and genuine clout in the MENA region. That being said, we will also consider proposals related to doing business further afield, such as in Europe, Aisa or the Americas.
  • You would like access to our team of specialists and up-to-date market insight, and believe that you could benefit from our ability to assess and adapt to new trends.


For more details and to initiate an informal discussion concerning your concept, please contact us.

Careers with Lusail

Based in Bahrain, Lusail Investments is looking for business analysts and other talented, experienced and dynamic individuals to join our winning team.

We are always interested in hearing from talented and experienced individuals who share our values and who would like to join a successful, forward-thinking company.


In particular, candidates must possess:


  •  Extensive business experience, ideally with a successful track record in one of the following sectors: Real Estate, Agriculture & Food, Financial  Services, Education, Healthcare.
  •  Dynamic abilities, agility, adaptability and innovative thinking, with a strong desire to make a difference in the world.
  •  Commitment to our values of transparency, sustainability and consideration for the environment and the community.

Lusail Investments currently has an opening for experienced business Analysts, but also welcomes proposals from other professionals. We are always happy to keep your information on file in the event a suitable position arises in the future.

Please send your CV and a short cover message to


Contact Lusail Investments in Bahrain for new initiatives in the Food & Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Real Estate sectors.

For more details on what we do, or to discuss potential proposals, please get in touch by one of the methods below:

Write to:

Lusail Investments SPC

P.O. Box 18171

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


+973 77 177 928


+973 77 177 938

Alternatively, complete the response box below.

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